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Our vibration monitoring equipment is calibrated on a regular basis to ensure accurate measurement of vibrations during construction, bulk excavation works, demolition, and more.

Vibration Zone of Influence Assessment Reports and Vibration Monitoring Plans

As required by City of Toronto By-Law 514-2008 and the related Vibration Control form, where a construction project will involve any activity with a potential for vibration impact at off-site structures, a preliminary vibration zone of influence (ZOI) assessment must be undertaken, and a vibration monitoring plan must be developed. At Toronto Vibration Monitoring Ltd., we provide reports to meet these requirements. 


Pre-and-Post Construction Condition Surveys

The City of Toronto By-Law 514-2008 stipulates supplementary pre-and-post construction condition surveys of surrounding structures and/or the development of communications protocols for discussions with adjacent building owners. At Toronto Vibration Monitoring Ltd., we regularly conduct inspections of structures before and after being subjected to vibrations to ensure they are not damaged.

Remote Vibration Monitoring During Construction with
Real-Time Results

Our vibration monitoring instruments are capable of both attended and remote operation. The remote systems can be programmed to monitor vibration levels continuously in real-time and issue exceedance alerts via SMS message and e-mail. 


We can also program our monitors provide data for important construction milestones such as the start of bulk excavation works, construction, compaction of soils, and when any complaints are received from neighbouring property owners. 


Our experienced engineers can develop mitigation strategies to minimize the chance of unacceptable impacts. Reporting can be set per the desired frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.). 


Vibration Damage Claims

Toronto Vibration Monitoring Ltd. can assist in legal defense cases by providing accurate vibration monitoring data for specific milestones, dates and times. 


BY-LAW No. 514-2008


Download the City of Toronto vibration monitor form.

We can also help assist with a licensed engineer.

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